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Personnel - Hiring company

When you hire temporary staff, you and the staffing agency have a joint responsibility for the consultant's work environment. You and the staffing agency must reach an agreement about who is responsible for what. Use the checklist to ensure that responsibilities do not fall between the cracks. Your systematic work environment management must include the consultant as well. The checklist uses the terms "consultant" and "temporary worker" synonymously.

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Before the temporary worker starts

1Have we been forthcoming with the staffing agency about the tasks the consultant will be performing?

2Have we been forthcoming about the skills required for the assignment?

3Have the tasks to be performed by the temporary worker been risk-assessed?


The tasks must be risk-assessed. You can proceed on the basis of previous risk assessments. Keep in mind that being new at a workplace may pose special risks. The risk assessment must be documented in writing.

4Have the identified risks been remedied or included in an action plan?

5Have staffing agencies been permitted to inspect the risk assessment for the consultant's tasks?


The staffing agency also has a work environmental responsibility. Your risk assessment serves as a good basis for them as well.

6Have we designated a person or persons at our company to be responsible for the consultant's onboarding, and for ensuring that it is carried out?

7Have we prepared for the consultant's arrival? For instance, by providing a computer, telephone, protective clothing, personal protective equipment, workstation, changing facilities.

8Have other affected staff been informed of the consultant's arrival and tasks?

9Will the temporary worker be performing tasks requiring a medical check?


Certain jobs require a medical check and fitness-for-duty assessment (e.g. work with isocyanates, lead, quartz). Other jobs require that the employer offer a medical check (e.g. night work, vibrations).

Tips and advice

See the Swedish Work Environment Authority website for information:

aHas it been clarified with the staffing agency who is responsible for the medical check?

10Will the temporary worker be performing tasks requiring the issuance of written authorisations by us?


This may be the case if e.g. forklift operation is included in the assigned tasks.

aHave we verified that the temporary worker possesses the documented knowledge required?

11Do we have a procedure for informing staffing agencies of an accident or serious near-accident affecting temporary workers?

During the temporary worker's time with us

12Do we implement and follow up on the onboarding?

13Have we informed the temporary worker of risks at work and how to handle them?

14Have we ascertained that the temporary worker has received and understood instructions regarding serious risks?

15Have we informed the consultant regarding who they should turn to for assistance and support when it comes to managing their assigned tasks?

16Have we informed the consultant regarding who they should turn to regarding work environment issues?

17Have we informed the consultant who is the appointed work environment/safety representative?

18Have we made it clear to the consultant which tasks need to be prioritised when working under time constraints?

19Is the consultant put on an equal footing with our own employees in terms of e.g. workload requirements, work rate requirements and other working conditions?

20Are our temporary workers a "part of the gang"? For example, are they invited to staff information sessions, coffee breaks, workplace meetings?

21Do we coordinate with the staffing agency in cases where we want to modify, increase or assign completely new tasks to the temporary worker?


In order for staffing agencies to be able to assume their share of work environment responsibility, it is a prerequisite that they be queried in the event of changes to the assignment.

22Have we reached an agreement with the staffing agency regarding which procedure is to apply for any overtime/additional hours?

After the temporary placement

23Have we evaluated and drawn lessons from the consultant's time with us?


Here you can note risks that needs to be addressed but does not exists in the check list

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